History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

The Lucas Family has a rich history as unique as the families they’ve served for over a century.

In the 1860’s, Lucas Funeral Homes got its start in Funeral Service when Wingate H. Lucas first sold pine boxes/coffins from his wagon and homestead. Later this endeavor culminated with three of his sons (Wink, Dave, and Joe) opening a general store in Grapevine, Texas. The general store sold groceries, dry goods, farm implements and coffins. 

In 1910, both Wink and Dave died - and, J.T. Lucas, Sr. (Joe)  acquired the Lucas Funeral Business, along with the Grocery, Furniture, and Implements. J.T. Lucas, Sr., better known as “Uncle Joe” had five sons, of which four became Morticians: Robert Lee (Bob) was the first to receive his license; Wingate Clemons (Mann) was the second son; and then J.T., Jr. and L.B. (Zippy) Lucas. Over the years Lucas Funeral Home expanded into other communities, Bob Lucas established the Ft. Worth funeral home in 1929, Zippy Lucas established the first funeral home in the City of Hurst in 1962 and J.T. Lucas continued to operate the funeral home in Grapevine.

As the older Lucas generations retired or passed away the family business was ultimately purchased by James (Jim) N. Lucas Sr., grandson of Bob Lucas. Jim along with his mother, Mildred Nimmo Lucas, sons Bobby and Jimmy, cousin Mark (Zippy's grandson) and Helen Jean (J.T. Jr's daughter) still operate the business. As North Texas has grown, so have the Lucas Family of Funeral Homes and Cremation Services. In addition to chapels in Grapevine, Fort Worth and Hurst, The Lucas Family operates Chapels in  Keller, Burleson,and  Mansfield (Blessing Funeral Home). In Ft. Worth the Lucas and Williams families joined together to create an African American and Caucasian Funeral Home. The Lucas family is also proud to operate Calvario Casa Funeraria on the North Side and Robertson Mueller Harper on 8th Ave next to Baylor All Saints Hospital. 

Our Valued Staff

  • Jim  Lucas

    Jim Lucas Funeral Director & Owner

  • Jimmy  Lucas

    Jimmy Lucas Funeral Director & Owner

  • Bobby  Lucas

    Bobby Lucas Funeral Director - Hurst

  • Mark Lucas-Kelly

    Mark Lucas-Kelly Director of Community Relations & Celebrant Services

  • Helen Jean  Lucas

    Helen Jean Lucas Community Relations

  • Frankie Lucas

    Frankie Lucas Emotional Support

  • Eddie  Mangham

    Eddie Mangham Funeral Director & Location Leader - Hurst

  • Marc  Crochiere

    Marc Crochiere Funeral Director - Hurst

  • Crystal Bovaird

    Crystal Bovaird Funeral Director - Hurst

  • Lofty Harper

    Lofty Harper Funeral Director - Hurst

  • Debbie Denton

    Debbie Denton Administrator - Hurst

  • Karen Smith

    Karen Smith Receptionist - Hurst

  • Wade  Wilson

    Wade Wilson Funeral Director & Care Team Leader

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica Rodriguez Funeral Director - Care Team

  • Brian Veras

    Brian Veras Funeral Director - Care Team

  • Roman Martinez

    Roman Martinez Funeral Director - Care Team

  • Kelly Mobley

    Kelly Mobley Funeral Director & Location Leader - Grapevine

  • David M. Evans

    David M. Evans Funeral Director - Grapevine

  • Terri L. Thetford

    Terri L. Thetford Administrator - Grapevine

  • Marcie Russell

    Marcie Russell Funeral Director & Location Leader - Keller

  • Doug Jones

    Doug Jones Funeral Director - Keller

  • Alyssa Mathews

    Alyssa Mathews Funeral Director - Keller

  • Kylie Heffner

    Kylie Heffner Funeral Director - Keller

  • Sherri Sahs

    Sherri Sahs Administrator - Keller

  • Sharon Willeford

    Sharon Willeford Receptionist - Keller

  • Taylor Duke

    Taylor Duke Advanced Funeral Planner

  • Deb Rupp

    Deb Rupp Advanced Funeral Planner

  • Brandon Fredrick

    Brandon Fredrick Director

  • Maria Angela Madrid

    Maria Angela Madrid Director

  • Cynthia Campos

    Cynthia Campos Advanced Funeral Planner

  • Richard Reed

    Richard Reed Funeral Director

  • Garry DeLong

    Garry DeLong Funeral Assistant

  • David Vasquez

    David Vasquez Funeral Assistant

  • Michael Belew

    Michael Belew Funeral Assistant

  • George Lupton

    George Lupton Funeral Assistant

  • Kelly Cromwell

    Kelly Cromwell Funeral Assistant

  • Patrick Gee

    Patrick Gee Funeral Assistant

  • Robin Belcher

    Robin Belcher Funeral Assistant

  • David Linton

    David Linton Funeral Director

  • Brian Barton

    Brian Barton Funeral Assistant

  • Tonya Tucker

    Tonya Tucker Administrator

  • Susan Cornell

    Susan Cornell Administrator

  • Pastor Marc Lowrance

    Pastor Marc Lowrance Chaplain & Spiritual Care

  • Matt Morian

    Matt Morian Operations Leader

  • Denise Briggs

    Denise Briggs Controller

  • Paula Lerew

    Paula Lerew Accounting

  • Joyce Williams

    Joyce Williams Accounting

  • Roger Garrett

    Roger Garrett Bean Counter Emeritus

  • Greg Speir

    Greg Speir IT

  • Amanda Clement

    Amanda Clement Cremation Specialist

  • Jackie Thompson

    Jackie Thompson Cremation Specialist

  • Stephanie Dondoneau

    Stephanie Dondoneau Cremation Specialist

  • Charlene Loeb

    Charlene Loeb Cremation Specialist

  • Roger Boler

    Roger Boler Cremation Specialist

  • Lauren Smith

    Lauren Smith Cremation Specialist

  • Mike Mathews

    Mike Mathews Cremation Specialist